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The Alfa Romeo 145 (Tipo 930A) and the Alfa Romeo 146 (930B) are small family cars produced by Alfa Romeo in Pomigliano d'Arco, Italy between 1994 and 2000.

The 145 is a three-door hatchback and was launched at the 1994 Turin Motor Show, while the 146 is a five-door hatchback, launched in 1995 to replace the Alfa Romeo 33.

The 145 and 146 share design plans and interior components from the B-pillar forwards 221,037 145s and 233,295 146s were built.

We have an active following on our 145/146 Facebook group which you can access using the button below.

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Contact Us

Registrar: James Fearnley
Email: 145-146-register@aroc-uk.com

Technical Help

For technical or general help from the registrar and other AROC members, please visit the Alfa 145/146 area of the AROC Forum: AROC Alfa 145/146 Forum.


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