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90 Restoration Part 1

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Submitted by Chris Cousins on Sat, 01/11/2014 - 09:26

There are very few 90s left around these days so when one turns up it's very important to save it, if at all possible. 

This one was taken off the road in 1997, either due to a very minor front end collission resulting in a broken headlight, or because it needed welding for the next MOT. 

Regular updates on the progress of the restoration of this car will be provided on this website but here is the car as it arrived and was stripped down for an initial assessment of the work required. 

Unfortunately the car was stored outside until I got it, resulting in vandalism of the front passenger door lock and theft of the external badges, side repeater lights and dashboard briefcase.  Mercifully the interior was otherwise complete. 


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