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The Alfa Romeo Spider (Type 939) is the latest in the line of open-topped, two-seater cars bearing the Spider name. The 939 Spider was launched in 2006 and is based on the same mechanical components as the Brera coupe and the 159 saloon.>/p>

The AROC 939 Spider Register is dedicated to the sharing of historical and technical information related to the model and individual examples owned by enthusiasts.

As well as the website and the Forum, we also have a public Facebook page to publicise the model and our events and a closed Facebook group which you can access by clicking this Facebook logo:

939 Spider Register Facebook Group


Contact Us

Registrar: Guy Swarbrick
Email: 939-spider-register@aroc-uk.com

Technical Help

For technical or general help from the registrar and other AROC members, please visit the Spider area of the AROC Forum: AROC 939 Spider Forum.


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