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Spider Register

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Submitted by Guy Swarbrick on Tue, 01/09/2015 - 15:53

If you own or drive an Alfa Romeo Spider, please register your car with us. We hope to be able to offer you an online form shortly.

Registering your Alfa Spider

If you own or drive an Alfa Romeo (type 939 or 'Brera') Spider, please register your car with us using the form which you can download from this page. We're happy to take scans of hand-written forms by email (or emails with all the relevant details) to 939-spider-register@aroc-uk.com or by post to

939 Spider Register
26 Turnstone Close
Wokingham RG41 5LQ

There are a few delays getting the existing register transferred over, so if you have already registered, please send us your details again - just in case!

Spiders on the Register

Once the register is in order, we'll put up a summary listing of the numbers of each of the different models of Alfa Spider on the register.

939_Spider_Register_form.pdf333 KB


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