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Quoteline: 0800 008 6687
The club’s insurance service is designed to help you find the best deal – and that’s more about offering good quality cover at affordable rates than just cheap insurance. We couldn’t in all consciousness send members out on the road with anything other than solid cover, the assurance of a reputable claims service and broker backup should the worst happen. You just don’t get that with some of the bargain-basement companies. In addition, the club scheme offers many other benefits for members to enjoy…
Working hard for you
Our Agreed Value Cover secures you a ‘true’ value rather than average value settlement in the event of your car being written-off. Even without this cover we have been able to negotiate enhanced settlements for members, calling on model-specific experts within the club to help us fight your corner. We’re confident you won’t find that kind of help anywhere else!
As well as being accountable to you as a customer, because we’re endorsed by the club we’re accountable to them too. You have their backing if you’re not happy with anything. It’s an incentive for us to continue to give the best service to members. Mind you we’ve been doing that with AROC for 30 years now and there have never been any significant problems.
What about cover for classic cars?
It’s true that we can be the most effective at producing savings for everyday cars because there is simply very little room for manoeuvre on a sub-£100 classic premium. However, we are still competitive. Check out our rates for the following 2 scenarios:
1968 Giulia 1300 GTA
LHD • 3000 miles per year • garaged overnight • value £9,000 • driver aged 50
Non-member’s quote £94.95  •  Member’s quote: £82.39
1976 Alfetta GTV 2.0
LHD • 2000 miles per year • garaged overnight • value £3,000 • driver aged 62
Non-member’s quote £100.15  •  Member’s quote: £88.62
More than just car insurance
AROC Insurance offers members more than just a great deal on everyday and classic/collectors cars. Many members also take advantage of the following products:
Broker Benefits
At AROC Insurance we promise that, in addition to any savings, you’ll receive all the advice, service and support you need.
•    Specialist Alfa Romeo knowledge
•    Trusted by the club for 30 years
•    Personal service & assistance with claims
•    Your needs put before all other considerations
•    UK-based staff only
•    Truly independent advice
•    All the ongoing support you need
•    Loyalty discounts for existing clients
•    Donation to the club for every policy sold
Member Discounts & Offers
We have a number of discounts and offers in place to encourage loyalty to the club scheme…
£20 OFF AROC Car Insurance
Once you’ve insured a car with AROC Car Insurance you’ll benefit from a loyalty reward of £20 OFF the cost of each additional everyday car you place with us?.
£5 OFF AROC UK Breakdown Cover
Comprehensive UK Breakdown Cover costs just £63 and provides the following features as standard:
HomeStart • Roadside Assistance • Recovery • Onward Travel • Overnight Stay • 24hr Car Hire• Relief Driver • Message Relay
Members can arrange cover for one car and get a classic car included FREE of charge. PLUS there are multi-car discounts available for any extra vehicles.
From time-to-time we offer members £5 OFF AROC UK Breakdown Cover giving a discounted rate of £58 – check the club magazine to see when we’re offering the discount.
Get a quote online at
GAP Insurance where you’ll save £££s over the car dealer’s offering
Buying GAP Insurance from your car dealer has traditionally cost you much more than via an insurance expert such as AROC Insurance. Our cover will save you money and, in the event of a total-loss, pay the difference between your car insurance settlement and either the Net Invoice Selling Price or any outstanding finance amount – whichever is the higher. GAP cover start from just £85 for 3 years’ protection.
Get a quote online at
Upto £50 OFF AROC Home Insurance
Again, once you’ve insured a car with AROC Car Insurance, you’ll also be entitled to £20 OFF AROC Home Insurance (£50 OFF if you have more than one car insured with us).
Unlimited discounts when you ‘Recommend a Friend’
Recommend a friend to AROC Car Insurance and when they go ahead with cover you can claim £20 OFF your next renewal. There’s no limit to the number of friends you can recommend or the discount you can earn.
FREE KeyLocator cover with all car policies
If that’s not enough, all car policies now come with FREE KeyLocator cover – simply attach the tags to your key rings, register your unique code online and you’ll get your keys back if they’re lost and found.
We think you’ll agree that, as membership benefits go, the service from AROC Insurance is a very good one – saving you a minimum of £95 if you take up all the offers.
Benefit to the club
Did you know that AROC Insurance returns a significant share of its earnings from your policy to the club? This works to keep your membership fee low and contributes towards a number of the other club benefits you enjoy.
So, if AROC Insurance does save you a few pounds and you benefit from a better service by using an Alfa specialist, isn’t it worth the effort of switching so that you and the club can seize the benefit? We think so!
Does your current Insurer give a share to the club? We suspect not!
It’s so easy
Obtaining a quote couldn’t be easier. Simply have all your details to hand, call AROC Insurance FREE on 0800 008 6687 and we guarantee to give you our best deal.
Remember, we’re here for all your insurance needs. So, whether it’s car, home, travel or even business insurance you need, AROC Insurance is the right choice for you - afforded by your membership to Alfa Romeo Owners Club.
To take advantage of this membership benefit you should call AROC Insurance FREE on 0800 008 6687 - find out how much you could SAVE
The scheme covers most modifications (excluding nitrous, roll cages and bhp increase of more than 100 over stock). All makes and models are considered eligible. Drivers must be aged over 19 for TPF&T and Comprehensive. Drivers of performance models must be aged 23 or over (sometimes 25 - depending on overall risk profile) with a minimum of 12 months' experience of driving/insuring similar performance cars (sometimes 6 months is enough - call us). All drivers must have held a licence for at least 1 year and have at least 1 year's NCB.
Quotes subject to individual circumstances including restrictions on claims/convictions (no more than 1 SP/PC/PL conviction per driver). Some postcodes require the car to be parked off the road overnight. The scheme DOES cover Northern Ireland.
AROC Insurance is administered by Chris Knott Insurance who is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


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