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Alfa Romeo 916 GTV For Sale

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Submitted by Howbix on Thu, 04/07/2019 - 10:30

Alfa Romeo 916 GTV 2.0 Lusso

Price: £2200

Year: 1999
Mileage: 75.5k
Colour: Blue Vela


Low Mileage, Alfa specialist serviced, full history, Series II,Tan Leather Interior.

4 owners, factory sunroof, reconditioned 17" Teledial alloys,VGood tyres.

Recent: Clutch, brakes, battery, aircon. 6 month MOT.

Lovely car, great engine, mechanicals. Treated underside, no rust but paint on roof tired and repaired dent in wing.

Clean interior, drivers seat near bolster wear.

Car worth 3k but needs further TLC so offers around 2.2k to reflect this.

Angus: 07957 192 016




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