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Alfa Romeo Giulia Berlina For Sale

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Submitted by Nick Wright on Tue, 23/06/2020 - 09:19

Alfa Romeo Giulia Berlina

Price: 49500 ovno

Year: 1968
Colour: Black


Just landed in the UK from a German Collection .Restored FRAME OFF AND ALL NEW  at a huge cost by previous owner and used as a promotional vehicle to sell German Viagra ...yes , really . Carbon Fibre bonnet and boot . New interior with both carbon and leather door cards , rollcage in rear, beautiful inside , outside and underneath , with German Log book so you can UK register it as 1 st owner and Historic and Tax Exempt . Drives and handles well , needs rolling road tuning at 4000 revs to perfectly sync the Weber carbs- this is car THAT IS UNIQUE as far as I am concerned....scope to race it as it has strut braces and adjustable Showa shocks . S..Alfisti only need apply .Car shows AR 1968 - just a show plate as it's not yet Uk Registered due to Corona and DVLA being on a skeleton staff. It has been Nova Declared in the UK AND WILL HAVE A NEW MOT , £49,500 OVNO



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