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Alfa Romeo Giulietta ti For Sale

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Submitted by Nick Wright on Thu, 22/11/2018 - 12:45

Alfa Romeo Giulietta ti

Price: £27500-

Colour: White


Giulietta TI, desirable Series 2 but with rhd and floor change. Limoncello, the well known Don Sanders car, that has reliably completed multiple European long distance trips, including a Monte Historique. Sorted with good handling and performance for a single carb 1300 with standard cams etc. Recently spruced up and retrimmed by Tony Ives so she now looks as well as she goes. Series 3 front seats with recline, fitted with harmonised trim but with original uncomfortable bench seat available if you insist. On alloys but steels available. Range of spares available to taste. Seeking £27,500. For full details please call Jon Dooley on 07885 636745 or email



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