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Curborough Track Day, Curborough Circuit near Lichfield

3 May 2019

Photos by John Griffiths

We love going to Curborough - affectionately known as ‘The Curburgring’  17 cars this time, and another nice variety, with a few other interesting cars joining the varied Alfa Romeos.  The latter ranged from Fergus Etheridge’s fabulous, rorty, 1971 1750 GTV to two of the latest Giulia Veloces (Gary Hearne and Phil Allen) and even Alex Pope’s Stelvio!  In the non-Alfas we had Matt Manners who brought his MG-F [ a type of Austin Rover, British Leyland or something ;0) ] - which promptly had a fan-failure - high speed keeping it cool, though its brakes proved to be made of a flammable material!   (Joking apart, he had a great time lapping it!).  Matt Yousuff, ex-Mito and Abarth 595 owner, brought along his 19-plate 400-mile old BMW 140i - a might impressive straight-six turbocharged beast!  Mark Gunston brought his Lotus Elise - an absolute sideways-monster!  With traction off though it proved to be a highly effective lawn-mower (see the photo with the daisies in the number plate) - and of course, the colour it is it is now known as Flymo 2.  Alex Black and partner Bethan were in his recently acquired Giulietta QV which looked splendid, Brian Smith and Sabre Ali brought their 4C Spiders - which were bang in their element.  Dave McFarland brought his track-weapon-spec GTV V6 - ably assisted by Peter Cambridge; John and son Jack Seymour were over in John’s lovely 147 GTA; Richard Garner was in his white Abarth 595; Matt Dyson then in his Brera SV6, which sounded terrific, and John Baker in his delightful red Brera S 2.2 too.

    After a dry start  by late morning the group was hit by a very heavy downpour.  Lunch was called early, but by around 1pm it had cleared.  A damp track meant some great entertainment, with a dded challenges in controlling under and (even better) oversteer.  Mark’s Lotus and Fergus’s GTV being particularly entertaining, with oversteer at will!   The two RWD Giulias had a bit of a slip too - but the stability control is really just too good.

Still, it was a tremendous day’s entertainment for well under £50 each.   Thanks to Howie Cottrell from the owning club for looking after us, Brian Smith for being our earlier group co-ordinator in my absence too.  Thanks to all who took part.  John