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June Virtual Meeting Night
ZOOM meeting, 25 June 2020

Images via John G and Jason Hood

Our second Zoom meeting was a tad more chaotic than the first one, but the 20 or so of us present had a great time anyway!  Initial hilarity was had when Dave Atkins struggled to get the mike to work on his iPad.  We were enormously helpful in giving him remote advice in our best Brummie..  He kept signalling back with 2 fingers, we thing that he was fetching a second device. Ultimately that iPhone worked, so we could enjoy a mobile moment as he took us (virtually) on a tour of his garage full of model flying aircraft and his lovely classic Fiat 500, complete with Record Monza exhaust.   Also on the car-tour front, we got to see Alex Pope’s lovely new white Giulia - and criticise his wonky club badge in the front screen (we will get you a new one Alex!)  Then we saw Graham’s extensive MY2020 on his Giulia QF and Stelvio (£1 Tricolore by the gear stick, though he negotiated that down of course.)  Talking of which, Saber gave up on the sound on his tablet and dialled in on his phone, well that’s what he told us, we think there was some background dealing going on mind…  Alan joined a bit late and managed a PC iPhone combo blaming the technology (ha!).  Meantime, James was with the Northern Lights, Matt Manners had his iPad on the floor giving us a curious new perspective on things, and thankfully Jason managed to capture a number of stills as I was acting as ‘host’ trying to let people in quickly who were joining ‘late’.  Generally successfully!   On the Show ‘n Tell front, Brian Smith (having mastered Zoom) treated us to a tour of his various Alfa Related prints - mostly containing beautiful women…  (we think there were some Alfas too, not certain);  Alex and Mark some great prints too they shared - and Salvatore showed us his rather fab Alfa Romeo ‘badge’/plaque.    I amazed people with ValetPro Citrus Bling, the wonderful stuff I’ve rediscovered for shining up paint - and lots more.  We had a good natter about the Alfas 110 Birthday celebrations, the lack of a new Alfa announcement, but all agreed we’d enjoyed seeing the GTAm on screen and moving.

So for July we hope to be able to meet in the flesh, if not we will be Zooming again.  Thanks again to all who joined in and made it so much fun.
        Cheers!  John