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May Virtual Meeting Night
ZOOM meeting, 28 May 2020

Images via Johnm Jason Hood, James Fernley  and Guy

I really didn’t know what to expect for our first Zoom meeting, but was delighted that (counting multiple people per camera) we had more than 30 along on the evening, and very few ‘technical snags’, though sadly a few intervened, but mainly through dropped connections.

We had 3 special guests along - Paul Mayes, South Mids Section Secretary who added additional entertainment just after the ‘Thursday 8pm Key Worker Clap’ by having a neighbourhood ‘barney’ going on just outside his window!  We can be pretty sure his good lady wife Olwen will have sorted the warring parties out anyway!    Also along, from the Far East (Suffolk), Nick Wright, our trusty Club Manager, who’d been on the Wessex Section virtual meeting the night before!  He’s very well travelled.  Third up Club magazine editor Guy Swarbrick, who was one of those pioneering the Zoom business in AROC with Thames Valley Section.   

I won’t mention everyone but it was great to see members old and new, including Bob Gregory, longstanding member from Sandiacre who has been in the wars a bit with his health recently. Also Richard Mulnier, Richard Metcalfe, recent joiners to our gatherings, plus Matthew Strange, Iain and Anne Reeves try to join us on evenings when they can but can’t always.  We lost a few too - Chris Conlon, Duncan Lanford, Graham Whiteside, Saber Ali and Brian Smith,  which was a shame not least as they were lined up in a number of the ‘gag’ questions, but we were still able to have a launch as we know they are such good sports.  (He says, keeping his head down!)   Great to welcome ‘Pep Le Squek’ along too as it displayed on screen from his Zoom default, being Dave’s son Paul Atkins, forever more to be known directly as that, ha ha!!

Anyway, after a lot of initial convivial natter, we all ran for the 8 o-clock Key Worker Clap (the last one) - including impromptu Northants area punch-up - returning with further liquid refreshment ready for the rather spectacular quiz.  That had been trailered by a very nifty video created by my son David who joined together a raft of Alfa Romeo promo videos with a unique sound and music track and text.  Have a look at it here on YouTube:


The quiz itself was set up using ‘Kahoot’.  This meant you saw the question and related picture and 4 answer options on screen (See photos) and selected your answer via another website on your phone.  Happily over 20 of the Zoom participants were able to take part in the quiz, though sadly 3 or 4 dropped connection so couldn’t complete it, but the majority did.    40 questions, 10 on Alfas, 10 on ‘Italy’ and 20 based on topics around our Section, most of which with a degree of wit.   The core thing being, it was nit just about getting it right, but also how quickly, as each question counted down from a 1,000 max, real ‘fastest finger first’ stuff! After the first 10 or so Guy Swarbrick pulled into an early lead, with Sal, Alan and Paul Mayes close behind, but slowly and surely as we went into the final round Bob Gregory cruised ahead, with Sal so close!   The podium saw Bob a deserved winner, with Guy just pipping Sal, but in an act of exceptional chivalry, as Sal’s phone connection dropped and he couldn’t do the last 3 questions, Guy let him ’overtake’ him for 2nd on the podium. The winners won a total of £45 in ’virtual’ Amazon vouchers, which was quite fitting!!

After the virtual awards ceremony,  4 or 5 people started a bit of an impromptu car show, carrying tablets laptops and phones outside and into garages so we could actually see their cars—well, bikes and planes too!!  Viv and Pete Stephens showing Viv’s fabulous man cave with Alfas and Ducatis,  Alan his communal car park occupied by his 3 Alfas now,  the 3 Alfas with Geoff and Pam and notably Dave Atkins who treated us to the aural delight of his original Fiat 500 replete with ‘Record Monza’ exhaust!  We really laughed as he had his best broadband reception of the night when in his garage sat in the car!!   A fitting way to close a really enjoyable night.   BIG thank you to all of the big extended AROC family for making it so much fun.
    Cheers!  John