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MIDLANDS ITALIAN CAR DAY - MITCAR - Ragley Hall, Warwickshire 20 August 2017

Photos by John Griffiths, Graham Coates, Craig Percy, Matthew Manners.

The 17th edition of MITCAR was held at the beautiful estate of Ragley Hall.  Just under 400 Italian cars of all shapes and sizes attended the car show in the eastern park area, whilst to the west of the house the International Model Air Show was taking place, an exciting addition to the whole MITCAR day.  As per usual, Alfa Romeos were the most popular marque with lines of beautifully presented cars including the new Giulias, with 916 series GTVs and Spiders given a large area and pre-1990 Classics too. Superb to see so many earlier models.  We had a raft of ‘exotics’ near the house, including Ferraris and Maseratis and some more very special Alfas including 8C and ES30 SZs and two beautiful V8 Montreals, a super-rare OSCA Maserati too.
 The Fiat Motor Club, Fiat Panda club and Fiat Forum had a great collection of cars too - Abarths were there again in big numbers, including some of the new 124s, and we were delighted by a strong showing on Lancias, including four lovely Beta Montecarlos andfour Integrales, several Fulvias, even a Gamma and Dedra.  Event sponsors Chris Variava (Alfa Romeo/Jeep Nottingham) had secured one of the first new Alfa Romeo Stelvios to be seen in the UK too which drew much attention.  This was fronted by a lovely collection of 14 Alfa 4Cs too, surprisingly more than present at National Alfa Day this year.

Trying to choose prizewinners was incredibly challenging for the organisers, there were so many fabulous cars, but the main award is chosen by public vote, as per tradition - and the winner by a clear margin was superb white Series 1 Alfa ‘Duetto’ owned by Gary Plumb.

A huge thank you from me to all of the AROC East Midlands Section helpers on the day, and to the guys from all the supporting clubs too who helped make it all work so well. The feedback on Social Media has been terrific, a great testament to all the hard work put in and equally to all of the people who came to the show with such lovely cars, which of course make it!   MITCAR will return...


CAR OF THE DAY - winning The MITCAR Camshaft Trophy;  Gary Plumb,  Alfa Romeo Spider Duetto
ITALIAN RARITY - Theo Kyriacou,  Lancia Gamma Coupe

BEST EXOTIC - Jon Chatley, Maserati Merak SS

ORGANISER’S CHOICE - David Roberts, Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint

MITCAR SPECIAL AWARD - Lee Firmager, Fiat Multipla (customised).

Thanks to main MITCAR sponsors Chris Variava and prize award sponsors Autoglym.

John Griffiths

Prime MITCAR Organiser.