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New Year Meal 2020
La Torre, High Street Coalville, 10 January 2020

Photos by John Griffiths and Brian Smith

Our first trip to La Torre was back in 2009,  so this was our 12th visit!  This year with 50 present  we fitted in perfectly on 5 big tables at the bottom end of the restaurant, which is great, and Greg, Linda and team  and the team made sure we were immediately at home.

One delight every year at the restaurant is how swiftly the food is served to tables - and it goes without saying the quality is terrific especially given the very fair price.  Many opted for the locally-sourced best fillet beef, with the choice of wonderful Italian sauces.

It was great to thank everyone for attending and to single out some of the many ‘regulars’ who have helped at so many events in 2019.  I also presented our ‘new’ Chairman Brian Smith ioth a nice bottle of Barolo in recognition of his great personal support this year, something he really wasn’t expecting he said!

We then started on our traditional raffle. Attendees had been very generous again with their prize donations; things from bottles of wine and spirits to posh chocolates, car detailing gear, even some AROC shop bits n bobs.  The prize winners seemed very well spread in the room, though Paul and Liz Jones seemed to clean up on a lot of bottles! Greg donated a very nice bottle of local vino, and  a generous meal for 2 voucher.  Dave Atkins son Paul donated a very special voucher fort wo people to tour the Triumph factory in Hinckley where he works in the visitor centre, which was won by Beth and Alex. Loads of fun anyway, and some stayed to midnight enjoying a few drinks and a very good natter.   Super hospitality from the La Torre team.

It was terrific to raise a whopping £350 in aid of the British Heart Foundation which was Bryan Alexander’s preferred charity of course. Anyway, hopefully the photos here give you a good flavour of this most enjoyable evening. Thanks again to Greg and team for all of their efforts, and of course to all who came along. We will return next January!   John