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‘Spring Spin’ at the

May meeting night - 20 May 2021

Photos by John G

Our first outdoor meeting since October saw some rotten weather, but that wasn’t going to stop our enjoyment.

11 degrees, gusty winds and showers was not ideal at all but it didn’t deter our hardy band who assembled at the George & Dragon in Thringstone a drive evening, in line with the Covid guidelines/roadmap.

Great to have so many of the old (and not so old) regulars along, and a few new faces. Recent joiners included David Hills who brought his lovely grey 147 Collezione over from Ashby, and Mick Glover his grey GT 2.0 JTS from Loughborough.  Both really nice examples. Another car we’d not seen before was Craig Percy’s red 156 2.0 JTS Lusso – one of the first JTS’s pre full Facelift.  It’s in really good order but he’s planning a respray to match the stunning one recently done on his 939 Spider.  Talking of which, Charles Meynell brought his Montecarlo Blue 2.2 Spider over which looks great, and Nick Everard his recently acquired Brera S in grey.

Meeting from just before 7pm, the showers were blowing in so up went the brollies, and we had an impromptu ford for people to cross into our main parking area.  I got a few snaps despite the rain including Geoff & Pam in their Stelvio Quadrifoglio crossing the puddles.  Duncan had brought Linda’s new 500e along – the all-electric machine spookily quiet of course and looking stunning in its green/blue paint that has a ‘flip’ to it.  (We parked him by a lamppost in case we needed to hack in for some electricity).   Also on BEVs, Matt and Lorraine Cox dropped by just missing the start of the run in their new machine, the all-electric Polestar 2.  Their 1750 GTV is still in bits, the engine rebuild coming along well though!

Brian Smith led our ‘Spring Spin’ in his Giulia Veloce, having devised another route around the local lanes, keeping to a steady pace it has to be taken really slow at the front – which is hard in any Alfa!  Everyone stayed nicely together – headlights ablaze – and returned after around 45 minutes.

We were then able to follow all the Covid rules and use the rear rooms of the pub to have a good old catchup with friends indoors, the first time we’d done that in person since March 2020.  The Zoom calls have been great but this really felt like we were back to normality.  

We look forward to lots more such gatherings in the coming months – hopefully with much better weather, but that never stops us!