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Alfa Top Trumps at the December Meeting Night, Charnwood Arms, Bardon Hill

16 December 2021

Photos by John Griffiths,

December is traditionally our 'Speaker Night', and this year Viv Stephens was 'volunteered' to do something along the lines of his excellent 'Zoom' chat last time which was on the theme of Alfas at the Museo Storico in Arese.   Well, he came up with a rather clever theme of Top Trumps .  He chose 16 of his favourite Alfas across the decades,  and using the Top Trumps style of statistics, gave a great presentation covering 16 of Alfa's best,  which proved interactive too  with our rather depleted audience chipping in on whether they had owned or driven the cars being mentioned.  We think Keith Krog possibly won that, having owned a GTV 6 3 Litre in South Africa, plus several of the others and currently owning his fabulous SZ AND having driven a 1960's TZ too... though others were in the running!

 Viv & Pete had brought along some great models of most of them too  -  then he'd had created some special sets original 'one-off' Top Trumps cards made, with Pete's help in designing and collating the info - so we had some games!  

The contests were mighty close with group games on tables, but we had to call time in the end or it would have been Friday!  in the end the winners were Simon Yates, Pete Stephens and Steve Weston.   At some point we will have to have a play off between them!!

As it was the winners and runners up per table got to keep special sets of cards, which come in official plastic containers too, plus some other rather nice prizes (Ceramic Detailer, my yellow Meguiar's hair shampoo etc).

A shame so few could make it but understandable with the Covid business - but great to see 'newbies' Lee Knapp plus Ben and Abbie too  - Lee and Ben both Mito Owners.

Thanks to all who came along and of course a huge thanks to Viv & Pete who'd put so much effort in to the whole thing.  John