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The Essex section calendar is now complete for 2021, although subject to change due to Covid and government advice.  Please check with Ben, section secretary. 
The planned drive on May 22nd is, unfortunately, not possible under current guidelines. 

Our January meetinge were New Year Get Togethers and very well attended, with ten of us at Ashwells and sixteen at the Shoulder. The Shoulder staff were a little 'put out' by our numbers! Let's hope for good attendance at our next meetings.

We revised our calendar for the 7th February as Ken could not attend at Ashwells and had a 'Models and memorabilia' evening. David and I showed each other the books we had brought and went home disappointed with just the two of us attending.

Our meetings and events for 2018 are below.

January 10 -  Section meeting at Ashwells - New Year Get Together.

January 17 - Section meeting at the Shoulder fo Mutton - New Year Get Together.

February 7 - Ashwells - Models and memorabilia, books and pictures, bring something along to talk about.

February 21 - the Shoulder - Slide Show by Ken Carrington from his huge collection of photos, mostly Alfas.

March 7 - Ashwells - Slide Show by Ken Carrington.

We ended 2016 at Crofters for our Christmas Dinner on the 7th December. It was the usual very good meal and service and we almost filled the back room. I hope you all enjoyed the event.

2017 started on the 11th at Ashwells and the 18th at the Shoulder of Mutton. These were both be New year Get Togethers and the opportunity to show off our Christmas presents. We had some interesting discussions at both venues, the Shoulder being very well supported.

11 January - Ashwells - New Year Get Together.

18 January - Shoulder of Mutton - New Year Get Together.

1 February - Ashwells - Slide Show by Ken Carrington.

15 February - Shoulder of Mutton - Slide Show by Ken Carrington.

1 March - Ashwells - Games night - Darts and Pool.

15 March - Shoulder of Mutton - Models, memorabilia, books and pictures - bring something to show us.

5 April - Ashwells - guest speaker - Jon Dooley.

19 April - Shoulder of Mutton.

3 May - Ashwells - 'Peter Raymond Trophy' motoring quiz.

Our final meeting of 2015 was our Christmas Dinner at Crofter's in Witham. The food and service were up to their usual standard, it is just a shame that car parking is so difficult. The car park opposite is no longer available, but they say the Tesco car park can be used.

In January, seven of us made it to Ashwells and thirteen to the Old Queen's Head. Going home from the Old Queen was fun as the fog had come down and I hope everyone got home safely.


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