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MiTo Useful Info

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MiTo Buyers Guide

An honest and detailed buyers guide video on the Alfa Romeo MiTo from our MiTo Register, giving details of everything you need to know about the MiTo and what to look out for when buying and owning.

MiTo Owners Manuals

Click on the links to see a PDF of the MiTo Owners Manual and TCT manual for your year (Copyright © Alfa Romeo UK):

Owners Manuals: 2008 2009 2010 2011/2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
TCT Transmission: 2012 2013 2014/2015/2016/2017/2018

MiTo Radio / Blue&Me / Uconnect Manuals

Click on the type/year for the appropriate manual for your MiTo (Copyright © Alfa Romeo UK):

Radio: 2008/2009 2010/2011/2012
Blue&Me: 2008/2009 2010/2011/2012
Blue& Me Nav: 2008/2009/2010/2011/2012
Uconnect: 2013/2014/2015
Uconnect Nav: 2013 2014/2015
Uconnect 5.0: 2016/2017/2018
Uconnect Nav 5.0: 2016/2017/2018

Useful MiTo Information

About the MiTo

MiTo Buyers Guide - a buyers guide if you are considering a MiTo
MiTo Model Guide - a definitive guide to all models of MiTo
MiTo Engine/Chassis Guide - a definitive guide to the engine, body and chassis codes for the MiTo
MiTo Colour Codes - a definitive list of colour codes for MiTos in the UK
MiTo Gearbox Guide - a list of which MiTos have which gearboxes fitted
MiTo Turbo Guide - a list of the turbos fitted to each MiTo
MiTo Dimensions - dimensions of the MiTo

Looking After Your MiTo

MiTo Service Schedule - a definitive 200k/20year service schedule for all MiTos
MiTo Oil Guide - a definitive guide to engine oil for every MiTo
MiTo Oil Volume Guide - engine and gearbox oil volumes for every MiTo
MiTo Battery Guide - a definitive guide to batteries for every MiTo
MiTo Spark Plug Guide - a definitive guide to spark plugs for petrol MiTos
MiTo Warning Light Guide - a guide to the warning lights on the MiTo
MiTo Tyre Pressure Guide - a list of tyre pressures for all Alfa Romeo MiTo models
MiTo Bulbs - a list of all the bulb types around the MiTo
MiTo Brake Disc/Pad Guide - a definitive guide to part numbers for MiTo brake discs/pads
MiTo MultiAir Error Codes - a list of error codes for the 1.4 16v MultiAir MiTo

Further Information

MiTo Coilovers vs Lowered Springs - a comparison between coilovers and lowered springs
MiTo Electric Power Steering Guide - advice for EPS issues and failures
M32 Gearbox Guide - background information on the M32 gearbox issues
MiTo Diesel DPF/EGR Maintenance - maintaining and preventing issues in your diesel DPF/EGR
MiTo OEM Mats - info and part numbers for the OEM mats for the MiTo
MiTo Front Bumper Guide - part numbers for the MiTo front bumper versions
MiTo Fuel Cap Guide - part numbers and options for different fuel caps

How-To Guides

Servicing and Mechanical

How-To Guide: Full Cambelt Service (1.4 petrol turbo) - oil, filters, spark plugs, cambelt and waterpump service
How-To Guide: Change Rear Brake Pads - how to change your MiTo rear brake pads
How-To Guide: MultiAir Filter - how to locate and change the MultiAir Filter (also called the MultiAir Oil Strainer)
How-To Guide: Replace Tailgate Release mechanism - remove/change the boot release badge
How-To Guide: Replace Springs and Shocks - replace/upgrade springs, shocks and top mounts
How-To Guide: Cabin/Pollen Filter Change - change your cabin filter on all MiTos


How-To Guide: Blue&Me Update Guide - step-by-step process to update the Blue&Me software in your MiTo
How-To Guide: Upgrade Uconnect Map - step-by-step to update your later MiTo Uconnect Nav map
How-To Guide: Heater Resistor - locate and change the Heater Resistor when your fan/heater stops blowing or behaves erratically
How-To Guide: Glovebox Rattle Fix - fixing typical glovebox rattles in your MiTo
How-To Guide: Replace Heater Bulbs - change your blown bulbs behind the 3-dial heater
How-To Guide: Remove Steering Wheel Airbag - how to safely remove your MiTo airbag


How-To Guide: Change Wing Mirror Covers - change your mirror covers
How-To Guide: Install a Tuning Box (1.4 petrol turbo) - install a Bluespark, Racechip or other tuning box
How-To Guide: Choose and Fit K&N Air Filter - the correct K&N filters for the MiTo and how to fit them
How-To Guide: Alarm Country Update - how to silence your 'Alfa Beeps'
How-To Guide: Upgrade Front Bumper Clip Rivets - how to upgrade to rivnuts for longevity
How-To Guide: Double DIN Stereo Upgrade - what you need to upgrade your MiTo stereo
How-To Guide: Honeycomb Grille - making a custom honeycomb front grille





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