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February 2015

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Submitted by Nick Wright on Mon, 23/02/2015 - 10:11

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The February magazine will certainly help you fill up your diary.  Whether it’s Spring or National Alfa Day, racing dates or trips to European events, the Club will have lots going on it 2015 and hopes to see you out and about, possibly taking photographs to add to your collection.  Who knows, perhaps it will be the beginning of something beautiful!  Both Fraser Duff’s and Guy Griffiths’ Collections are featured in this issue and whilst they are very different, the photographs are stunning.  

Carol Corliss has written about the highs and lows and the owners  of pre-war Alfas and October’s mystery car, the 2600SZ, is revealed.  ‘Where Are They Now?’ tells more of Dave Ashford, who we read about briefly in the December issue and Sir Peter Graham gives us an abridged 40 year history of his Spider.  With a gallery of photographs from the Wessex Section, who are celebrating the first 10 years of the revitalised Section and the usual columns from Bob, Colin, Haydn, Jamie, John we’re well into 2015.



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