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Join our Alfa Romeo Driver magazine Editor Guy Swarbrick in our new Podcast series as he meets figures from the Alfa Romeo Owners Club and the wider Alfa Romeo community and talks openly on topics for the listening pleasure of our members. 

Guy's interviewing technique ensures you hear the real opinions and honest views of the participants, which are therefore not necessarily the views of the Alfa Romeo Owners Club UK.

As each new Podcast is recorded, it will be simultaneously posted here, on our Youtube channel, on iTunes, Google, Spotify and our preferred platform Podbean automatically. 

So choose your favourite platform for listening on your preferred device, get a tea or coffee and settle down for some great Alfa Romeo content.

And be sure to look out for announcements of new episodes on our Members' Forum, our Facebook page and our Club News.

We guarantee some interesting, no holds-barred interviews and discussion, on (mostly) everything Alfa Romeo.

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Episode 3 - Meet The Manager with Nick Wright

Our Club Manager, Nick Wright, talks with Guy Swarbrick and gives us insight into the role of the Club Manager, his 10 year history in the role and some fascinating behind the scenes observations about how AROC operates, as well as some chat about Nick's own Alfa Romeos.


Episode 2 - The AROC Virtual Racing Championship

Guy Swarbrick discusses the Alfa Romeo Owners Club Virtual Racing Championship with guests Rob Whitney, Elio D'Alessandro, Alex Smith and Timothy Perry, alongside Nick Day from Chris Knott Insurance, the Championship sponsor.


Episode 1 - Meet the Board with David Faithful

Guy Swarbrick tackles a refreshing no-holds barred interview with the newest member of the Alfa Romeo Owners Club Board covering subjects including the future of the club, how the club handled the Parts Service, David's views on Facebook, modified cars and other insightful topics.



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