Puzzles | Alfa Romeo Owners Club


As an experiment, we have created some puzzles for our Members and their families to enjoy (or become frustrated with, depending on your preference).

This is a trial, but if our Members suggest that there is some enjoyment in them, we aim to produce more and perhaps even make it a regular feature.

Currently, there are only a few crosswords and wordsearch puzzles, but we are open to any feedback (good and bad) as to whether to expand our selection of puzzles.

Naturally, the answers are also available to access in case of emergency.

This is a new idea for us, and it may not work.  You may not like it and you may not enjoy them.  But if you do like them and you want to see more, please let us know and we will have our puzzle people create more.  And if you are keen to create puzzles for your fellow members, please get in touch!  We would love to have ideas or input from our Members, help with the questions and answers or publish your puzzle creations!

Simply click on the links below to our puzzles and they will open a PDF in a new window which you can download and print.

Crossword Puzzle 1 - click here    [Answers]

Crossword Puzzle 2 - click here    [Answers]

Wordsearch Puzzle - click here    [Answers]



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