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Scottish Section

With the obvious exception of SICD (!), surely the premier Scottish event for car enthusiasts.  Set in the beautiful policies that surround the royal castle of Glamis, this event provides a view of motoring from the very beginning right through to the present day.  There is also a huge retail area where you can by all sorts of “interesting” stuff – both motoring and non-motoring related.

One of the most popular days on our car show calendar, SAROC will again be taking a stand at the Errol Airfield event in order to highlight the beauty and sophistication of all things Alfa Romeo!  This really is an excellent day out, loads of interesting cars to see combined with the bonus of a legendary bacon roll at our early morning assembly point – The Horn!

East meets West on Sunday March 22nd at this stunning new home for Glagow's magnificent collection of all things transportation.  A great chance for members from both sides of the country to get together and enjoy a day out looking at cars (and boats and bikes and trains and aeroplanes and.....).

The Scottish Section is planning a "team" run down to Cheshire for this year's NAD.  The event takes place on Sunday 21st June and the intention is to stay at a local hotel on the Saturday night before heading off in convoy to Gawsworth Hall bright and early on Sunday.


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