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Surrey Section Picnic Sunday 6th September at Painshill Park, Cobham

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Submitted by GrantRichardson on Thu, 20/08/2020 - 20:36

We are delighted to announce that our (delayed) Section Picnic will take place on Sunday 6th September at Painshill Park near Cobham (see  You may remember that this is where we hosted the first Southern Alfa Day in 2013, and Painshill has kindly agreed to letting us use the same area that we used for that show.  
The Painshill 18th century landscape garden was created between 1738 and 1773, by the Hon. Charles Hamilton.  Born in Dublin in 1704, Hamilton embarked on two Grand Tours across Europe before acquiring the land at Painshill.  Inspired by Renaissance art and his Grand Tours, Hamilton went on to create a sequence of breathtaking and surprising vistas at Painshill.  He began gardening when there was a change in ideas and philosophy, away from formal, architectural gardens (such as Versailles or the Hampton Court Privy Garden) moving towards a more informal, pictorial garden. Called the ‘natural style’ or the English Landscape Garden, it became a fashion which caught on and spread across Europe and even across the Atlantic to America.
We have been able to secure a discount of almost 50% on the entry price: tickets aare £5 for adults and £3 for children between the ages of 5 and 16.
There are some restrictions that we need to observe that are required to comply with the current operating procedures at Painshill:
  • This event is for AROC members and their family and guests only.  This is so that we can track and trace if necessary.
  • All tickets need to be purchased in advance from me; purchase of tickets for entry on the day is not possible.  Please contact me (by email) for details of how to obtain tickets.
  • You will need to arrive at Painshill by 09:45am.  We will drive into the grounds and park up (suitably spaced) as a group.  Once in position cars will not be able to leave before 3pm.  I will give you full instructions of where to meet when you purchase tickets.
The event will be in the open, and the entry route allocated for our use avoids the bottlenecks from the main car park to the gardens.  However we must observe social distancing wherever possible and strongly recommend the use of masks when distancing cannot be safely achieved.
Please note that whilst Painshill does have catering facilities, these are currently quite limited because of the current operating restrictions.  I strongly recommend that you bring a picnic.
Please contact me by email ( for details of how to obtain tickets and full details of the event.



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