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The 90 is an executive car in production from 1984 - 1987.

There are very few 90s left around these days so when one turns up it's very important to save it, if at all possible. 

This one was taken off the road in 1997, either due to a very minor front end collission resulting in a broken headlight, or because it needed welding for the next MOT. 

Regular updates on the progress of the restoration of this car will be provided on this website but here is the car as it arrived and was stripped down for an initial assessment of the work required. 

The 90 was only available in 2.5 V6 Gold Cloverleaf form in the UK however some enterprising souls imported European spec variants, including this 2.4 TD Super. 

D668 YNO was imported from Holland in 2002/03 and exported to Italy in 2010.  It had a few alterations to original spec.

Ripon 2012

The pictures of B555 OLB were taken at the Alfa Romeo Owners Club event at Newby Hall, near Ripon, in 2009. 



The Alfa Romeo 90 (Type 162A) is a four-door executive saloon car in production between between 1984 and 1987. The Bertone design fit the range between the Giulietta and the Alfa 6. The car used the Alfetta chassis (including its rear mounted transaxle) and took its engines from the larger Alfa 6.

The AROC 90 Register is dedicated to the sharing of historical and technical information related to the model and individual examples owned by enthusiasts.


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