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The Alfa 6 is 6-cylinder, executive saloon car that was in production between 1979 to 1986.

Alfa Romeo Alfa 6 Gold Cloverleaf NSF

On 13 October 2014 a variety of rare 1980s executive saloons attended a photo shoot in Hertfordshire for a forthcoming issue of Classic & Sports Car. 

Alfa Romeo was represented by the Alfa 6 in Series 2 Gold Cloverleaf form and Peugeot by a 604 STi.  There was also a Ford Granada Ghia Mark 1, Rover SD1 3500, Toyota Crown and Talbot Tagora. 

Despite the rain it was a good day although the professional photographer's pictures will be much better than mine.


Here a a couple of pictures of my Series 1 Alfa 6, taken when i first acquired it.  The car will be completely restored and regular updates posted on this website, in the hope that if anyone else manages to find an Alfa 6 they will be motivated to restore theirs too!

To the casual observer the wheels of the Alfa 6 Gold Cloverleaf look the same as an Alfetta GTV6, but the rim diameter for the Alfa 6 was 14" (the GTV6 was 15") and the stud pattern for the Alfa 6 is different to the transaxle Alfas. 

A rarely seen version of the Alfa Romeo V6 engine - the 6 Dellorto carburettor version of the Series 1 Alfa 6. 

The early engines were unusual in having the "bat-wing" sump in the same shape as the front cross member and larger inlet ports than the fuel injected versions. 

A 3.0 litre version was fitted to South African Alfetta GTV6s but, regardless of the bodystyle, there are very few carburettor Alfa V6s around these days.

With just 134 examples of the Alfa 6 imported into the UK between 1979 and 1986 you wouldn't expect there to be many left.  The dozen or so known to the Register represent a survival rare of almost ten per cent.

However only two cars have an MOT at the time of writing - one Series 1 and one Series 2. 

Mostly overlooked even by Alfisti, the 6 was the first design to use the now-legendary Busso designed V6 engine, initially with 6 carburettors and subsequently with Bosch L-Jetronic fuel injection, along with the Alfetta GTV6, 75 V6 and 90 V6.

If you have a good image of your Alfa 6, please contact the Registrar who will be pleased to have it posted in the gallery.


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