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Virtual Racing Championships

The Alfa Romeo Owners Club, in collaboration with the Alfa Romeo Championship Association, have setup several Virtual Racing Championships using Assetto Corsa for online gaming excitement. And we have dedicated servers just for us.

There is always a Championship in progress for AROC Members and ARCA Registered Drivers, plus a Hot Laps Challenge with open entry to participate. The Championships are on Windows PC using Steam, but the Hot Laps Challenge can be undertaken on any Assetto Corsa on Windows, Xbox or PS4.

We have a full calendar of race weekends and when the calendar shows no races, there is a looping on-track session so you can be online and racing an Alfa at any time of day or night!

Scroll down to see more details or jump to our FAQs at the bottom of the page.



Championships and Challenges

AROC ChampionshipMembers Only | Windows

For AROC members and registered ARCA racers only, there is always a Championship running. Points for the driver and the AROC Area Section team.


Hot Laps Challenge Open Entry | Windows/Xbox/PS4

Weekly circuit Hot Laps Challenge on your existing consoles. Weekly challenge details in our Facebook group then simply email us your best time screenshot.


Frequently Asked Questions

What spec of PC do I need to participate?

You will need a reasonable specification laptop or PC, ideally with its own graphics card. If you play PC games on your PC today then it will probably be fine, but some older PCs and laptops may only have onboard graphics cards which may struggle to render the fast-paced graphics of a racing game. Best to give it a go and see how it performs!

What else do I need, like controllers and steering wheels?

You will need some way of controlling the car in the game as this proves very tricky with the keyboard, and this can be with a USB gaming controller (e.g. for an Xbox or PS4) or a racing sim setup with a steering wheel and pedals. There are some reasonably priced steering wheel and pedal setups for the PC so you don't need to buy the whole racing chair rig - you can buy all that later if you really love it and this becomes a passion.

What software do I need?

You will need Assetto Corsa Ultimate Edition for the PC on Steam which is available for around £30. If you already have the regular Assetto Corsa edition you will need to add Dream Pack 3 for the extra features and circuits we use. If you have Assetto Corsa on an Xbox or PS4 you can still participate in our weekly Hot Laps Challenges.

When are the races?

Races are scheduled at various times and, depending on the Championship, will include practice, qualifying and the race itself. Click on the Calendar links above to see when the races are taking place. And remember, if there is no race happening you can still get on the track as we run open sessions all day long.

I'm nervous of racing, can I just have a go on my own?

Throughout the day, when races are not taking place there is a looping open-access session happening. So you can pick a time when racing is not happening and just get on the track. But don't worry, there are lots of amateurs as well as more experienced racers and nobody is judging you. Probably.

I have Assetto Corsa on Xbox or PS4, but not on the PC!

Don't worry, you can still take part in our Hot Laps Challenge! Each week, we will set a specific challenge at a circuit of our choice, then you can set your fastest lap at the circuit and submit your screenshot as proof! The challenge runs from 8am Monday to noon on Saturday, but your email must go to and be titled "HOTLAPS WEEK X" where X is replaced by the week. Details are posted and updated in the Facebook Group.

I'm not a member of the Alfa Romeo Owners Club, can I still join in?

The Championships are only for valid members or pre-qualified experienced racers in partnership with the Alfa Romeo Championship Association. It is just one of many benefits we give our members. Non-members can still participate in the the Hot Laps Challenges (Windows/Xbox/PS4) each week, but truthfully you'd be mad not to join the Alfa Romeo Owners Club if you are an Alfa Romeo enthusiast or owner.

Is this just during the Coronavirus, and will it all end soon?

The Championships have been setup to run over several weeks, and we plan to follow this with a pro-am competition between the experienced Alfa Romeo Championship racers and us normal mortals. Feedback so far is that this is a great benefit for members, so our aim is to run these Virtual Racing Championships even when there isn't a horrid pandemic, and at least when the Alfa Romeo Championship season ends each year. Everything we do is for our members, so if they tell us they want us to keep running it, then we will.




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