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Wessex Section Events

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Submitted by DavidKell on Wed, 13/10/2021 - 22:00

Wessex Section - 2021 Upcoming Events


NEW, October 13th

Our next meetings are :

Wednesday, November 3rd                                    Pub meeting, Empress of Blandings, Copythorne SO40 2PF      https://www.empressofblandings.co.uk/

Wednesday, December 8th                                    Wessex Section Christmas meal, LovItaly restaurant, Ringwood.  See my email of October 8th.




Attached below is the full Wessex Section "Fixtures List" for 2020 (at Rev 1) in MS Word and pdf formats.   This is what we were planning to do in 2020 before Covid came along and gives an idea of typical Section activities in normal times !

As always, events in bold text are Wessex Section events or are events supported by the Wessex Section whilst events in light text are other events included for information that individuals may wish to attend.   Note that, on a number of occasions, our monthly meeting is NOT on our normal first Wednesday of the month.



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