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Yorkshire Section

Report: Our East Coast Run


It's got to be said, put a spirited drive and a plate of award-winning fish and chips in front of any of our Section members and you have all the ingredients we need to have a successful event!

Report: Breakfast meeting at The Waterwheel Tearooms

Due to popular demand, we made a welcome return to The Waterwheel Tearooms and Bistro in Howden for our Breakfast meeting on October 28. We very much enjoyed our last visit to the spot back in July so we were all eagerly anticipating our return visit.

Report: Our October Section meeting


After our joint meeting with our colleagues from the Lincolnshire Section last month, it was business as usual for us at The Bay Horse in Green Hammerton.

Report: Our meeting September 11
Following on from our first joint meeting earlier in the year, The Reindeer at Sandtoft was once again the venue for the second of our Sections' joint meetings for 2018.

Report: Yorkshire Section Pick'n'Mix Weekend


This, we thought, was something that little bit different in an event lasting all weekend but broken down into a number of separate happenings. As it happens, it all worked out rather well so is the kind of thing that we may well repeat in the coming year.

Report: Breakfast at The Oil Can Cafe


Yorkshire Section members enjoy a good breakfast so this return visit to The Oil Can Cafe at The Carding Shed in Holmfirth turned out to be one of our better ideas. Since our last visit in March, a lot has changed; not least being the location of the Cafe that's gone to a completely new spot at Washpitt Mills; right in the heart of The Last of the Summer Wine country. Indeed, a totourist bus bearing the name of the BBC's comedy show was seen early doors driving right past the Carding Shed's new premises.


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